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Inbound marketing is a strategy developed to attract and draw customers toward you, your business, and your website. It is a departure from the relentless outbound marketing that is still pervasive in our current culture. Inbound marketing is friendlier; thus, more effective. In inbound marketing we and meet customers where they are, rather than be pushy and intrusive.

Is inbound marketing right for you? Keep reading to find out what inbound marketing can do for you, and how WSI Connect can help.

What Inbound Is and Does

Inbound marketing is composed of four steps: attract, convert, close, and delight. These four steps are designed to turn leads into customers, and those customers into promoters and champions of your brand or company. This is achieved by creating useful, valuable, engaging content that attracts your audience while positioning you as an expert and industry leader.

As your marketing agency, WSI Connect uses the following steps to help you grow your business.

Stage One: Attract

Nobody likes to be pushed into doing something., which brings us to, Attract, our first step of inbound marketing. Attraction focuses on using four distinct tools to draw visitors to your website.  Buyer personas (part of our tool set) is an integral part of inbound marketing, and a major part of the attraction phase. In this phase, WSI Connect can help you:

  • Define Buyer Personas – Clearly define who your target buyer is, their job role, function, day to day challenges and areas they need specific help.
  • Keyword Research – Identify the specific terms your buyers use to find the types of products and services your business provides. This allows us to create SEO friendly content.
  • Content Creation – Leverage great content such as blog posts, eBooks, and white papers to provide powerful educational material for your clients.
  • Content Distribution – We incorporate strategies around email marketing, social media (including promoted offers) and search engine marketing to build awareness of the new content.

By using the principle of attraction, you will engage visitors with what they find interesting and worthwhile.

Stage Two: Convert

Now that you’ve created great content and your site traffic is booming – how are you turning your visitors into leads and, eventually into customers? Oops, we are jumping ahead, but we want to be sure we are on the same path. Before a visitor becomes a customer, they become a lead.

Thus, in order for inbound marketing to become lead generating, you need a way for your visitors to tell you and converse with you! Make it easy for visitors to tell you “Yes! I am interested!” through the creation of each of these elements:

  • CTA’s – Catch your visitor’s attention with an attractive call to action,
  • Landing Pages and Forms – Encourage your visitors to give you their contact information in exchange for a great piece of downloadable content,
  • Email Nurturing and Workflows – Continue to educate and provide value to your prospects to help them advance through the sales funnel; and,
  • Analytics – Understand where your leads are coming from and which campaigns, content and distribution sources are providing a solid ROI.

These elements create a clear path to convert a visitor into a lead and helps them remain in the sales funnel as they progress through their buyer’s journey.

Stage Three: Close

Now that you have leads and relevant conversations, you need to close those leads to generate income and revenue.

In the close stage, it is critical that you are engaged directly with your lead. Here are a few of the tools inbound marketing provides to help you with this stage:

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management,
  • Case Studies,
  • Video Testimonials

This third step of inbound marketing focuses on creating and cultivating relationships with your leads. By removing the “hard sell”, you are able to cultivate relationships by understanding where your customers are in the buying process. You will know where they expressed interest, which products or services caught their eye, and how your products and/or services will be part of a valuable solution for them.

Step Four: Delight

The last step of inbound marketing revolves around keeping your customers happy. By treating them like gold, finding out what they like, what they want to see more of, etc. you can convert them into champions of your brand.  Brand champions are desired by all. Why? Brand champions are those individuals who result in repeat business, referral leads and positive reviews.

Customers can be, by far, your most valuable sales tool.

Now that you have read about the four steps of inbound marketing, is it still right for you? It is if you believe in the philosophy that it is better to attract customers naturally through content. Inbound marketing is right for you if your goal is:

  • to attract visitors to your website,
  • convert those visitors into leads,
  • close leads into customers, and
  • delight those customers into becoming champions of your brand!

At WSI Connect, we work closely with our clients to develop a powerful inbound marketing strategy (including one for ourselves) that fuels the growth of business. The first step is to setup a discovery call where we can learn more about your business and goals. Contact us today to schedule a discovery call.


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